About Us

The Company

The company is a Davao-based corporation known to be the pioneer manufacturer of polyethylene pipes in Mindanao.

Our name has become a byword in the world of water conveyance, use and discharge.

It has become the trusted name in the field of water distribution, irrigation and drainage due to its superior quality products and utmost sincerity in giving service to its customers. We have been and will always be customer friendly and service oriented.

It has tapped international companies from Israel, Singapore, South Korea and others by bringing in the latest products and technology to complement its pipes and fittings thus making the company a comprehensive water system company.


Contribution to Economy

Although the company has not yet tapped the export market, it has substantially saved the country of dollars by being an import substitute. In Mindanao were agriculture is the main economic activity, millions of pesos have been saved from the importation of irrigation pipes mostly from Israel. Instead the company was tapped by some Israeli companies to be their partner in supplying irrigation system to the Philippines.

The company has been a major contributor to the government by way of taxes, paying over a million pesos every year, sponsoring major promotions to boost the local economy, bringing in advance technologies in water and wastewater system and irrigation, including advance technologies in farming.



In pursuit of serving with the highest standards of products and services in the field of water conveyance, use and conservation, we will remain dedicated to our foundational aims:

To provide the community and the society with the utmost quality products and services in recognition of our social responsibility and the belief that people are our most valued resource.

To ensure new and existing developments in water systems through research of technological innovations so as to respond better and quicker to the changing world.

To form committed professionals by fostering an environment where they work and grow together, each achieving continuous development and professional competence.

To promote a culture of freedom, fairness and truth in business as we acknowledge everything to fit into God’s plan.



We are a dynamic business community committed to the welfare and progress of the society adhering to the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity in accordance with the will of the Divine Providence.

Contribution to the Environment

For its low and non pressure pipes the company has developed the use of more than 70 % recycled plastics from waste to produce a more efficient drainage pipe, replacing the heavy duty cement culverts and unsanitary open canals.

Another product developed is the low-pressure pipe for irrigation of small farms. These have made the costs of infrastructure projects affordable especially to small farmers at the same time putting back to use plastic wastes, which are otherwise harmful to the environment.